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Autodesk University 2013

Autodesk University 2013 – Las Vegas (Dec. 2013)

I’m not sure what rabbit’s foot I caught next to a four leaf clover patch, but I’ve been accepted to speak at AU this year.  My session is Volumetric Modeling for your BIM Workflow.  This will involve anything from massing families, to COBie data to BIM execution plans and everything in between.

Volumetric Modeling for you BIM  Workflow

What an exciting event and I’m glad to be a part of it.  For those of you wondering, I’m a speaker at this year’s AU!  I’ve attended in years past, but this will be my first (successful) attempt at conducting a roundtable discussion.  My co-host Birgitta Foster is an expert on National BIM Standards and will help guide the session through its many facets.

Central States Revit Workshop 2013


BIM Workshops 2013  (Aug. 2013) (formerly Revit Workshops)

Another fantastic year at BIM Central States, formerly known as Revit Workshops. Success!  I’ve been accepted for TWO sessions at BIM Workshops 2013!  I will be speaking on Autodesk Showcase and quick development techniques I’ve been able to use for design options and touch on their Augmented Reality app.    One on implementing Showcase with Revit and another non-conventional approach to construction documents with a slew of softwares and workflows.


So let’s talk for a moment about Autodesk Showcase as a stand-alone product.  Having the chance to experiment with anything new is always exciting and Showcase is no let down.  A variety of tools are available for fast formulation of designs.  I step through several of these with a Revit model linked into the program.  Right away you’ll notice we’re in 3D perspective view.  Something Revit hasn’t truly mastered until the second update for 2015.

Showcasing your Revit Model


The major presentation with be my Goodbye 2D drawings, Hello 4D techniques using a sampling of softwares involved.  I will have to use two different projectors at the same time and present half of it from an Android tablet.  Let’s hope it all goes well since this will involve a lot of moving parts!

Goodbye 2D – Hello 4D pptx


Accountability of Smart Objects

For the architects and engineers out there the benefit of BIM should begin to bear fruit by now.  If not, you might still be in the “Production Only” level of thinking.  For the contractors and FM Directors out there, what this means is full accountability of all the smart objects in rooms, including the rooms themselves.  Each object represents not only the real-world object, but all the attributes associated with them such as location, cost and power requirements.  All components shown are smart models that are directly exported from Revit just waiting to be accounted for in your company’s tracking software.