BIM Workshops 2014

Another great year speaking at BIM Workshops! I feel more at ease with only one presentation this year. Of course, that presentation was an expanded portion of my 2D to 4D presentation from last year.  I felt I needed to explain a few steps I took when going from Revit to 3dsMax as well as document my experience moving rapidly between the two software’s.

My impression from this years conference has changed.  We now have an emcee, expanded staff and expanded speakers.  I was fortunate enough to give the introduction for two up-and-coming speakers, Mr. Bill Allen and Nathan Miller.  Both are very well versed in Rhino and Dynamo and both had excellent presentations.  I can’t thank Steven Shell enough for my introduction. He really raised the bar during his dialog which must have helped sway the attendance since I was rated Top 5 of all the speakers at CS BIM Workshops!  Like I said, another great year speakering!

Unlike last year, I recorded these sessions and they can be found on my YouTube channel at the link below.  Enjoy!

MR Rendering and iRay Video

Lighting Video

Workflow Importing Video

Materials Video